A tree alphabet

This alphabet, although similar to ours and with fewer letters, contained extra purpose. Each of its nineteen letters references a tree, and each tree much natural lore, medicinal fact, useful aids and more. Used long before computers, when mnemonics played a key role, each tree letter is therefore a starting point for referencing data in multiple ways.

Keeping track of time

the lunar/ solar connection

Connecting memory to time through tree letters that define the yearly cycle plays a key role here. Each of its thirteen consonants corresponds to a 28 day sidereal, or lunar period that follow an anti-clockwise direction, while the five vowels follow a solar (sun-wise) direction to track solstice and equinox points. In addition, one hidden letter tracks the nineteen year metonic point when solar and lunar cycles re-calibrate in a lunar standstill.
(more on this lunar standstill event here).

The tree letters

Each of these nineteen letters has a poem by aonghas macneacail, together with graphics by simon fraser